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CSFD Explorer Fees for 2015

Colorado Springs Fire Explorer Program
2015 Program Changes
December 4, 2014

The Colorado Springs Fire Explorer Advisory Board would like to inform you of upcoming changes in program registration fees that will go into effect in January 2015. We are giving you this notice now so that you can plan for the additional charges.

Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of Explorers who leave the post without returning all the uniform parts, equipment and turnout gear that has been checked out to them. Because of the rising costs for uniforms and equipment, the Fire Explorer Advisory Board has recently determined that there is a need for an additional charge to be added to the current $100.00 annual participation fee. This charge is being instituted due to Explorers losing, damaging and failing to return uniforms, equipment and turnout gear when they leave the post. The additional charge will be a one-time refundable $100.00 deposit to cover the replacement cost of explorer uniforms and equipment. Currently Explorers and their parents sign the Explorers & Parents Agreement form at the annual parents meeting in January agreeing to return all equipment, uniforms and turnout gear when they separate from the post. Missing equipment will now be replaced with money from this deposit following equipment check-in.

Turnout gear is the property of the Colorado Springs Fire Department and the Explorers have permission to use it for authorized Explorer activities only.
For your planning purposes the fees for 2015 will be the $100.00 annual participation fee due at the January parents/guardian meeting on the 29th and a one-time $100.00 refundable equipment deposit which will be due April 1st.

If this change causes a financial hardship, you are encouraged to contact Captain Broch.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Colorado Springs Fire Explorer Advisory Board Members